GROUNDisKEY's Roulette Bingo Leaderboard September 2021 - December 2021

GROUNDisKEY's Roulette Bingo

(The table will be updated shortly after each game, please be patient).

INDIVIDUAL GAME RESULTS for September 2021 - December 2021

NEXT Live Stream: Sunday 3rd October 2021 (GAME 3).
TIME: 12:00 Noon (UK time). DAY: Sunday's (bi-weekly/every other week).

Select 5 different numbers 0-36 and submit them via the link below.
Each number will be spun from a live European speed roulette wheel.
1 point for each number hit. (This excludes repeating numbers).
If a player hits all five numbers an extra 3 points is awarded and will count as a win.
The game ends when a player hits all five of their selected numbers or the total
spins reach 37.
(Estimated stream time 25-35 mins).
Deadline for entries close 1 hour prior to stream going live. (Any submitted entries within
the deadline period will automatically be added to the next live game).

Only one entry per person per game allowed.
Should any player wish to be removed from the game they must make a comment requesting to be removed.


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Five £5.00 accumulators three 13 fold accumulators
and two 12 fold
- BET RETURNED £986.86

FOOTY (match betting)
Scottish League Cup

12:15 - Celtic (2/5) WON
Premier League
12:30 - Chelsea (2/5) WON
15:00 - Manchester City (1/9) WON
Spanish La Liga
19:45 - Barcelona (1/14) WON
Portuguese Super Liga
20:30 - Porto (1/9) WON

(match betting)
ATP Antwerp
13:00 - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (1/7) WON 

ATP Basel Qualifying
14:30 - Nicolas Mahut (1/16) WON

Brest Challenger Qualifying
15:40 - Kevin Krawietz (1/9)
(Was unable to place this bet in 3 of the 5 bookies)

DARTS (match betting)
15:00 - Phil Taylor (4/9) WON

13:25 Ascot - Order of St George (5/6) 1st
14:45 Ffos Las - Eragon De Chanay (2/5) 1st
16:00 Market Rasen - Capitaine (1/1) 1st


-Bet 1- 15:30 Catterick - Confessional (11/2) 3rd
-Bet 2- 15:30 Catterick - Memories Galore (11/2) 2nd
-Bet 3- 15:30 Catterick - Green Door (6/1)
-Bet 4- 15:30 Catterick - Storm Over (9/1) 1st
-Bet 5- 15:30 Catterick - Orion's Bow (15/2)