ROULETTE, does your game play work for you?

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I'm a keen live dealer roulette player and in 2015 I started work on improving my game play, the ultimate goal was to try and make something that tracks my wins and losses, keeping my balance up to date etc. and making profit. 

About 2 years on and many tests later my brother and I developed an app that best suits my game play, tracks wins, losses, spins, time and balance etc.

Since using the app on many dry runs I found that when it worked it worked very well achieving profit in most games I played up to 5 games max, On a few occasions I'd find it difficult to get past the 4th profit and would lose the starting balance, it would take quite a few spins to lose but ultimately I would lose. This for me was an important factor to take into consideration when tweaking my game play. Check out the YouTube Tutorial clip

Now my game play consists of making only 2 profits every day of any amount, then stop. This works extremely well.

Setting targets can be a good idea but they need to be realistic and based upon your game play statistics (for example my statistics suggest that I can make 5 profits per day without losing the starting balance, I have tried this and it works well but can take a bit of time and you have to be patient, I much prefer the shorter game format, quick in quick out achieve smaller targets and for me 2 profits per day is my sweet spot as this is much more manageable and less time consuming)

- NEVER Bet more than you can afford to lose
(If this means calculating your outgoings for the month then it is well worth doing, know your limits)

- NEVER Chase losses
(I have chased losses on many occasions, increasing betting stakes etc. but ultimately ended up losing and regretted doing so)

- NEVER Set unrealistic targets
(I set my targets by looking at the maximum return, average and minimum returns and aim for between the minimum and average)

- Stick to your game play
- Refer to your statistics, set an achievable target (remember targets don't have to be achieved when gambling, if you are close to hitting but not quite there then it is much better to stop).

- Introduce a stop loss


14:30 Lingfield - Believe In Love (15/8)
15:30 Lingfield - In Demand (7/4)
16:15 Catterick - Loose Chips (11/2)
16:45 Catterick - Too Many Chiefs (10/1)


14:10 Naas - Cadmium (9/4)
15:30 Wolverhampton - Irish Roe (5/6)
15:50 Fontwell - Notre Pari (4/6) 1st
17:10 Naas - Farouk D'Alene (7/4) 1st


FOOTY (Full Time Result & BTTS)
Premier League

12:30 - Chelsea (5/2) WON
15:00 - Southampton (15/8)

13:50 Kempton - Fujimoto Flyer (15/8) 2nd
14:05 Lingfield - Furious (11/4)
14:25 Kempton - Song For Someone (7/4) 1st
15:15 Lingfield - Bangkok (4/6)


16:40 Warwick - Cloudy Glen (11/4)
16:55 Dundalk - Sharjah (5/1)


FOOTY (Goal In Both Halves)
Premier League

12:30 - Southampton v Burnley (4/5) WON

14:35 Lingfield - Kachy (5/6)
15:15 Haydock - Vintage Clouds (15/2) e/w
15:45 Lingfield - El Ghazwani (1/1) 1st


14:10 Fakenham - Greaneteen (4/5) 1st
15:10 Lingfield - Badri (9/4) 1st
16:20 Fakenham - Shantou Flyer (4/6) 1st


17:30 Chelmsford - Winnetka (7/4)
18:00 Chelmsford - Come On Bear (7/4) 1st


TENNIS (Match betting)
Cherbourg Challenger

11:05 - Luca Vanni (5/6)
ATP Pune
11:30 - Egor Gerasimov (4/7)

SNOOKER (Match betting)
Grand Prix

13:00 - Neil Roberston (1/4)
13:45 Punchestown - Yanworth (10/11) Race Abandoned
15:50 Punchestown - Zero Ten (5/6)
Race Abandoned