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A casino is a business, they will look for any way to make money to hit targets, spin and ball manipulation is just one way.

Lets say the business uses analytical software to gather information, gamblers habits, how many spins, how much on average per session, what numbers are bet on, what happens if they win (do they carry on or stop) and what happens if they lose (do they re-deposit or stop) etc, etc.

From this information the casino can create a business plan based on player profile types.

For example: It's heading towards the end of the month, a Saturday evening and the casino has to hit their monthly target how do they go about doing this? They'll already have in place offers to draw people in, the dealer interaction talking to people via the chat to keep people at the tables and finally spin manipulation.

Spin manipulation: Why do we see the ball dropping into the wheel in an odd way? It pings all over the place backwards and forwards defying the laws of gravity before snapping into a pocket. I have only one logical answer, the casino is manipulating the wheel speed and ball to find the lowest payout. (Which would make sound business sense).

Some people would say the casinos don't need to manipulate the ball and wheel as they would incur a hefty fine. (I believe this is just a scripted answer). The casinos would only be dealt a hefty fine if it could be proven and here lies the problem.

Most gamblers bet the same way and on the same numbers for between 2 to 4 spins. Prior to placing a bet they've already worked out how much they would get back if the ball hits a winning number, essentially mentally preparing for the win only, not necessarily for the loss and this is where including myself come unstuck and carry on to try to get the win.

Quite often if a player wins or loses they take the same numbers over to another table and do exactly the same bet.

Below is a list of manipulated spin descriptions
and what I look for when selecting a number.

- Ball snap

(when the ball hits a pocket it snaps into the corner without slowly coming to a stop)

- Beeline

(the ball hits a pocket then makes a direct run for a number in a straight line)

- Curl back

(the ball looks to react like it's had spin applied to it, hits a pocket and gets pushed out and curls into another pocket)

- Hit and run

(the ball hits a pocket and runs on for longer than expected)

- Ping back

(the ball pings or jumps back around the table before resting in a pocket)

- Pocket push

(the ball drops into a pocket and is clearly pushed out and ends up in one of the adjacent pockets)

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