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14:15 Lingfield - Loving Dream (9/2)
14:30 Ascot - Tyson Fury (12/1)
15:10 Haydock - Rowland Ward (11/1)
15:40 Ascot - Motakhayyel (16/1)


13:45 Chester - Revich (15/8)
15:00 Ascot - Aldaary (11/8) 1st
15:15 Chester - El Astronaute (15/8) 1st

UPDATE: Roulette games under development.

I'm currently working on developing a couple of new game plays to add to the existing Balance Builder Roulette utility.

One of the games I cover 3 numbers only and repeat the bet with progression for 20 spins.
(As there are more numbers covered in this scenario, looking for betting triggers probably won't be beneficial, although I'll introduce you to the idea).

The other game I cover only 1 number and repeat the bet with progression for 20 spins.
(Working on trigger areas for betting).

Just recently been playing around with 2 number only.

Watch the YouTube clip above to see both examples.


14:10 Thirsk - Shackabooah (9/2)
14:25 Newmarket - Lazuli (3/1) 1st
15:05 Uttoxeter - Onemorefortheroad (11/4)
15:40 Newmarket - Battleground (8/1)