GROUNDisKEY's Roulette Bingo Leaderboard September 2021 - December 2021

GROUNDisKEY's Roulette Bingo

(The table will be updated shortly after each game, please be patient).

INDIVIDUAL GAME RESULTS for September 2021 - December 2021

NEXT Live Stream: Sunday 31st October 2021 (GAME 5).
TIME: 12:00 Noon (UK time). DAY: Sunday's (bi-weekly/every other week).

Select 5 different numbers 0-36 and submit them via the link below.
Each number will be spun from a live European speed roulette wheel.
1 point for each number hit. (This excludes repeating numbers).
If a player hits all five numbers an extra 3 points is awarded and will count as a win.
The game ends when a player hits all five of their selected numbers or the total
spins reach 37.
(Estimated stream time 25-35 mins).
Deadline for entries close 1 hour prior to stream going live. (Any submitted entries within
the deadline period will automatically be added to the next live game).

Only one entry per person per game allowed.
Should any player wish to be removed from the game they must make a comment requesting to be removed.


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Over the next few months I'll be setting up small challenges using
my roulette app.(GROUNDisKEY's Balance Builder Roulette App).

I'm looking to achieve ANY amount profit when I live stream and then STOP!
My 1st Target is to gain £100 profit. It doesn't matter how long it takes, I'm in no rush.

Groundiskey's Balance Builder Roulette
Starting on day 1 with 100 units in the balance covering 9 numbers at .50 per number costing 4.5 units per spin I'll record the Profit / Loss value after each day
Check my progress on YouTube or watch the live action on Twitch

1st Target £100

2nd Target £80
DaysProfit / LossDaysProfit / Loss
 1£4.50  1£4.50
 2 £13.50 2£13.50
 3 £9.00 3£4.50
 4 £9.00 4£13.50
 5 £4.50 5-£100.00
 6 £15.00 6
 7 £13.50 7
 8 £9.00 8
 9 £4.50 9
 10 £9.00 10
 11 £13.50 11
Total £104.50  Total  -£64.00 

 £100 = 1st Target ACHIEVED 
 £80 = 2nd Target

I stream live on the twitch platform over 4 days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.