GROUNDisKEY's Roulette Bingo Leaderboard September 2021 - December 2021

GROUNDisKEY's Roulette Bingo

(The table will be updated shortly after each game, please be patient).

INDIVIDUAL GAME RESULTS for September 2021 - December 2021

NEXT Live Stream: Sunday 31st October 2021 (GAME 5).
TIME: 12:00 Noon (UK time). DAY: Sunday's (bi-weekly/every other week).

Select 5 different numbers 0-36 and submit them via the link below.
Each number will be spun from a live European speed roulette wheel.
1 point for each number hit. (This excludes repeating numbers).
If a player hits all five numbers an extra 3 points is awarded and will count as a win.
The game ends when a player hits all five of their selected numbers or the total
spins reach 37.
(Estimated stream time 25-35 mins).
Deadline for entries close 1 hour prior to stream going live. (Any submitted entries within
the deadline period will automatically be added to the next live game).

Only one entry per person per game allowed.
Should any player wish to be removed from the game they must make a comment requesting to be removed.


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Version updates

Release notes - Version 2.0 (4th June 2021)

- Included three new games, Cold, Hot and Trend19 updated a few graphics.
- Added two menus one for Links and one for Social media.
- Potential profit table link, most of the animations, rollovers, shortened the time on the Profit and Stop! page taking you back to the main menu screen sooner. Removed the passcode for a much quicker and direct access to the game plays and some other minor alterations.
Release notes - Version 1.62 (7th March 2021)

- Edited wording on Game Details page
- Removed the progressive staking button for Quantum and Lightning Roulette
Release notes - Version 1.61 (11th July 2020)

- Added a Won counter
- Added a Lost counter
- Added progressive multiplier values

Release notes - Version 1.6 (30th May 2020)

- Removed the Traffic Light System
- Quantum roulette game play and values added

Release notes - Version 1.55 (1st April 2020)

- Changed the look of the passcode buttons and added a click to request passcode button
- Tweaked the traffic light system to help better protect the balance
- Added a 2x bet feature

Release notes - Version 1.54 (22nd February 2020)

- Lightning roulette game play and values added

Release notes - Version 1.53 (16th February 2020)

- On/Off Activation option for TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM (helps to protect the balance)
- Lightning roulette available soon...

Release notes - Version 1.52 (2nd February 2020)

- On/Off Activation option for PROFIT and STOP! 
- Traffic light icon image added on the All Statistics page
Release notes - Version 1.51 (6th January 2020)

- Stop Loss indicator adjustments

Release notes - Version 1.5 (20th December 2019)
- Passcode added

- Stop Loss indicator added
- More individual game statistics added 
- Neighbour number message added
- Twitter links added 
- Minor artwork changes 

Release notes - Version 1.4 (9th July 2019)
- Added
Wins to profit 

Release notes - Version 1.3 (15th June 2019)
- Profit / loss from home screen
- Wheel menu and wheel image
- 1 bet placed, 2 bets placed and 3 bets placed buttons
- Game numbers #1-5 from All statistics
- Logo update
- Fixed numerical errors- Added a racetrack
- Time, High and low balance added to Game statistics and All statistics

Release notes - Version 1.2 (31st May 2019)
- Attention message after 5 losses in a row
- Profit percentage fixed
- Added Highest balance and Lowest balance values
- Added an effect to the terms and enter buttons

Release notes - Version 1.1 (25th May 2019)
- Target from Game details window
- Profit from the top of Selected numbers window
- Target from Selected numbers window
- Target achieved window
- Red ATTENTION Warning appears after 6 losses in a row, not 7
- Added a Profit percentage value in the Selected numbers window
- Version number added to all windows

Release date - Version 1.0 (10th May 2019)