If you're looking to gain a few extra units on roulette then you must take a look at Ed's Roulette Calculators.


GROUNDisKEY's Balance Builder:

GROUNDisKEY's Balance Builder is a browser based tool compatible with any windows PC, Mac, iOS mobile devices(iPad, iPhone etc.) and Android devices(tablet, mobile phone etc.). Scale to any size and position anywhere on a desktop PC / Mac.

GROUNDisKEY's Balance Builder suggests numbers to bet on while playing live dealer roulette(the numbers are based on my past game play experience). The tool also calculates profit / loss, total wins, losses, spins, time played etc.

My setup:
When I play I boot up two browser windows, log in to my casino on one browser window and start GROUNDisKEY's Balance Builder on the other, I'll resize both windows so that I can see them clearly before starting.

The roulette racetrack:
A total of nine straight up numbers are covered each spin. (Before starting it is important to 1. select a chip value and 2. familiarize yourself with how the roulette racetrack works and the number positions so that you can place the bets on in time, we will be selecting 3 numbers from the racetrack which will include their neighbour numbers covering a total of nine straight ups). 

The image below shows a typical racetrack layout, on the right or left you will see "+" and "-" symbols we need to make sure the number in between is set to "1" (this is the amount of numbers either side of your selected number).

Once you have changed the number to "1" you will be able to see a total of 3 numbers highlight when you roll your mouse over the racetrack.


Minimum starting balance recommendations:
250 units = 0.5 unit per number
500 units = 1.0 unit per number
750 units = 1.5 unit per number
1000 units = 2.0 unit per number
1250 units = 2.5 unit per number
1500 units = 3.0 unit per number
1750 units = 3.5 unit per number
2000 units = 4.0 unit per number
2500 units = 5.0 unit per number

Here's my typical game play set up:

250 units starting balance
0.50 units per number(4.5 cost per spin a total of 9 numbers covered).

Probability of hitting a number covering 9 numbers = 24.3%
(If you only cover 1 number the probability = 2.7%)

When you start making profit betting at 0.50 per number you may notice one of the following amounts 4.5, 9, or 13.5, I have found it's better to stop play at any of these amounts.

If I've played for longer than my attention span allows then I'll stop at any amount of profit or look to break even.

It's not uncommon while playing to have a losing streak nobody wins 100% of the time. Starting with 250 units and a chip value of .5 you'll have to lose 55.5 spins in succession before you go bust.

On average I'll achieve profit within 10 spins.
Some games have taken much longer than 10 spins,
Here's a typical week's session, I achieved profit on them all,
6 spins, 52 spins, 7 spins, 7 spins and 67 spins and the following day
2 spins, 32 spins, 7 spins, 106 spins.